Turn on the Light

We can’t tell you right away whether you should do business in China. But with glymz we turn on the light. All you need is one search string. Not only do we tell you who is looking for specific products and services in the Chinese web, but also how many and where they are located.

Get Product Feedback

You want to focus on the right China strategy and don’t want to waste money on time-consuming bullshit? Neither do we. So we put you in contact with potential clients and customers early on. Get direct feedback on your products and services.

Get Access to Experts

We are experienced Chinapreneurs ourselves and have built own ventures as well as for other companies – among them Fortune 500. Thus we aren’t being paid for beautiful powerpoints but for giving you access to appropriate expertise.



You want to know how your chances actually stand in the Chinese market? Without being bullshitted?

Then leave us a message and receive a free 30 minute call. We tell you what glymz can do for you.

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