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how it works

Give us one keyword and we give you a glymz of how many people search online for your product category. Even better: we provide you with detailed geographics and demographics, such as search location, customer age, gender and interests, online shoppers are driven by. At glymz, you start your Chinese Journey with a question that will ultimately determine your success: how relevant is my product for Chinese consumers?

data is king

Market entry in the 21st century


Identifying your product’s demographics is key to your product and marketing strategy. Glymz gives you a detailed drill down on what your persona looks like - a vital step in identifying your target audience.

geographics I

Geographically segmenting your audience is a basic prerequisite for every marketer. It allows you to test and match your campaigns to areas with more customer potential.

geographics II

This is analytics on steroids and product managers will be ecstatic. Because glymz provides key data on the most detailed level for provinces with the highest product search intensity (searches per 1,000 residents). For early product stages, this means that you can match your product tests to areas with higher engagement rates and set up effective early adopter campaigns.

Topics & Platforms

Not everyone who searches for a product in the Chinese web starts their online search directly with the product search itself. In cases where this search is preceded by the search for other terms, we know exactly what these terms are. This also applies to online searches, which take place after the product searches. Glymz thus gives you a good insight into topics that drive Chinese people in their product research.

fall in love

»Fall in love with your customers’ problem, not with your company’s solution«

Forget for a second what others are telling you about the difficulties of the Chinese market and focus on the bigger picture. Learn more about what we believe to be the real pitfalls of a well-considered entry into the Chinese market and decide for yourself.