It's time to start your chinese adventure

Fall in love with your customer’s problem
not with your company’s solution
I. Glymz relevance check

We can’t tell you right away whether you should sell your products or services to Chinese customers. But by giving you a first glymz on peoples’ age, gender and the topics, which online shoppers are moved by, we turn on the light. The Glymz Relevance Check even tells you where people are located and who is searching for a specific product category on the Chinese web.

II. Sweet Spot Detection

What are Chinese problems your product has to solve? Where are potential sweet spots? Based on the insights resulting from the Glymz Relevance Check we and our partners get our hands dirty and start digging. By crawling Chinese social networks, microblogging websites and industry specific forums and portals we retrieve information on pain points, customer preferences and identify attractive early adopter.

III. Glymz Product Consulting

While Chinese trends and customer needs constantly change and daily business operations often leave only little room for continuous innovation, even Chinese companies are struggling to stay relevant in their market. From years of hands-on experience we guide our clients from product idea to balancing that passion with market honesty. And while we actually love to get our hands dirty we uncompromisingly focus on enabling our clients long-term instead of billing them for endless powerpoint slides.

Why glymz

Glymz helps you to understand your Chinese target group in no time. With the help of glymz, you turn digital footprint of Chinese millennials into pure inspiration

What You Get

Glymz accompanies you in the challenge to make Chinese customers fall in love with your products and services