why we're here

Our mission is to make you fall in love with your Chinese customers’ problem, not with your company’s solution

Our Mission

Western entrepreneurs face the entrepreneurial challenge of their lives when they set out to build a China business. Market characteristics such as regulatory and bureaucratic hurdles, difficulties in approving important licenses, preferential treatment of Chinese market players over Western companies, and complications in recruiting skilled executives can give entrepreneurs sleepless nights. And indeed, these are challenges that should not be underestimated in their importance. On the contrary. Naive companies venturing into their China business and underestimating the above-mentioned challenges are heading for an entrepreneurial disaster. Nevertheless, we are firmly convinced that addressing these challenges should not be your number one priority.


Imagine, you set out to climb the Chinese north side of Mount Everest. Of course, good preparation includes the application for the necessary special permits such as the Tibet Travel Permit, the Aliens’ Travel Permit, and the Frontier Pass. An approval process that is nerve-racking for you, but for Chinese people much less time-consuming. And now let’s imagine that the Chinese government would also deny you the use of special equipment such as oxygen, while Chinese mountaineers pass you by with their oxygen bottles.

In the end your greatest challenge still remains climbing the highest mountain in the world. A challenge for every mountaineer. A physical extreme performance, with or without oxygen bottles. So you are well-advised to first properly prepare strategically and physically for this adventure before you get bogged down by regulatory hurdles and have a competitive disadvantage. For you this means to invest sufficient time and effort in choosing the right mountaineering team and focussing on your physical exercise. Because the higher you go, the less oxygen you have, the more dramatic the weather will be. Having partners at your side who do not opportunistically switch to more lucrative clients, or unexpectedly raise their fees, is vitally important.

your product - our mission

So, when we introduce ourselves as The Chinese Tour Guide for your Market Entry, it’s not just an empty promise. This means that it’s not only our mission to find your business’s bottlenecks, but also that we have your physical fitness in mind: your product. As entrepreneurs who have founded and built ventures in China as well as in Europe for other corporates (among them Fortune 500), we know the process of validating products in and out. And as consultants, we know how essential it is for a company’s survival to get first-hand product and customer insights in order to achieve product-market fit. In the past, we have climbed mountains together with high-level executives from corporates such as klöckner, Bosch, Allianz and Rolls-Royce, who have experienced our expertise first hand.